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How do I advertise my business, product, service here?

Who should advertise here?
Anyone who is running a business, product, or service can advertise their or their client's business, product, or service here.

Why should I advertise here when I have already advertised somewhere else?
By advertising at, you can take advantage of the wonderful perks that come with digital media, like instant access, freely updating and editing your ads, and results tracking. What’s more is you can instantly track which ads are working, how many people are seeing them, where they’re seeing them. With that kind of information at your fingertips, you can optimize your ads instantly if, those are not performing well. You do not need to wait until end-of-month sales reports like you would experience it else where. Remember that when you do not advertise, you are potentially passing your existing customers over to your competitor who does advertise. You never know when and where the customer will find your.

Benefits & Features:

  • Guaranteed Business Leads: Goal is to hit target of 30 or more leads per month and take away the pain of lead generation to leave you the time to do what you are good at. We guarantee at least 30 leads per month target, if we don't hit that target, we will work hard until we do. Please note, this guarantee is applicable only for paid ad campaigns.
  • Running online ads gets your brand name in front of your online prospects 24 hours daily and at a fraction of the advertising cost compared to other non-online medias.
  • Your audience is here: This site receives rich quality traffic. Majority of new and returning visitors are searching for ds here.
  • Excellent search functionality: With its excellent search functionality, customers are able to find their dream home here.
  • Pay per campaign billing:: Registration is free and you pay only for the time of ad campaign. You can enable disable advertisement anytime and do not get charged when ad is not running.
  • One account and create multiple ads: You register only once; Create and run multiple ads under one account. Each created ad has own space for displaying pictures and description.
  • Site is extensively visible on social media: This site is visible at some of the most popular social media sites. Therefore, your advertisement gets good exposure.
  • Your contact information is visible to prospective customers: Today, prospective customers extensively use internet for locating their dream home. When they see contact information of most likeable then there is a most likely chance that an advertiser will receive direct inquiry and/or message from prospective customers. Thereby resulting in saving time and money.
How it Works?
#1 You add business or product or services information #2 We tell the world about your advertised business or product or services #3 You get inquires & reviews
Add your business or product or services after registration. You set your advertisement live and start receiving inquiries. We show your advertisement in a way that is relevant to prospective customers. We also market online to help you sell more and increase revenue! Customers leave reviews on your business or product or services which help your future customers make the decision to stay with you.

I am new to this site. How do I advertise my business, product, service here?
First, register here. Registration is free.
Next, think of different services or products you want to do marketing. Then you create ad campaigns.
Just before you create ad campaign, prepare yourself with followings

- Information you want to show about your most valuable service and product.
- Appropriate pictures or graphics that represent your service and product.
- Your contact information.

Now, start creating your first ad campaign. Include above information in the form and select either 365 days or start & end dates for cmapaign duration. Finally make payment for ad campaign.
For more services or products create seperate ad campaigns. Repeat above steps for ad campaigns. That is it. You ads will start rolling and you can check how these advertisements doing and check popularity numbers by login to your account after several days.

How can I make my business, product, services more marketable?
Advertise your business. product, services here on this website. You may buy "Premiums" inside your account and apply it on advertised business, product, services to make it more marketable. Premium Ads always appear on top rows when people search Ads here.
A picture is worth a thousands words. You can upload your business, product, services poster.
Always include multiple contact options such as telephone, cellphone, email etc inside the text or on the poster. Let the customer decide what communication method is best for them. Also, it is good to enter name of the contact person rather than some job title on the advertisement. Customer who liked your ad should immediately see your contact information on your business, product, services details page. At, we understand your business. So, your business or product or services contact information is never kept hidden from your prospective customers unless you choose to do so.

How can I advertise my business, products, services on this website?
First register at this site. Registration is absolutely free. After registration, add your first advertising campaign by filling up provided form after login and paying for your desired ad campaign duration.
Create first ad campaign by entering title for ad & duration to run ad campaign. Upload pictures (up to six), enter link to your website or landing page, enter text for services you offer or products' description, you contact details, add more pictures (if needed) in the provided text editor, etc. Put the ad campaign in run. That is it! You relax and start getting business leads.

* We value our customers and customers can email us for any technical issue they faced in using this website. Step-by-step instructions, info, and faq are available for using various features.

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