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Earn revenue share and gain access to exclusive resources with the RegularAds Partner Program
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The partner program
The RegularAds Partner Program is for anyone who can refer any business from any where in the world to advertise their business, products & services on As a Partner, you can refer clients to and earn commission.
Getting started
As a RegularAds Partner, you have access to a variety of resources and tools to help you on your path to success. In the Partners Resource section of your Partner Dashboard, you will find brochures, flyers, and information you can share with prospective and current customers.
Being a partner you need basic knowledge of how to operate computer mouse & keyboard, and know how to brows on internet. That is it!
We provide some creative banners and logos for you to use on your website, as well as suggestions for how to brand yourself as a RegularAds Partner.
We also send out a monthly newsletter containing feature releases, tips on how to grow your business, and any other important information. If there's anything in particular you think we could provide that would be valuable to help you sell, please contact us.
Using the Partner Dashboard
Your Partner Dashboard is the best place to keep in sync with the business that you are building with You can use it to keep track of your referral bonuses. You may create a new account for your client and share account information with your client so that they can start managing their rental advertisements. You may manage your client's advertisements at and it will be between you and your clients to decide.
Managing your referrals
You can see information about each of the client that you have referred in your Partner Dashboard. From here, you can find the bonuses earned for each of the clients that you have referred to us.
Ideal customers those you can refer to this site and earn
You can refer small, medium businesses or large corporation who are already selling in North America or willing to tap markets of North America. Business can by any of the followings or beyond,
  • Manufacturers: PPE kit, Metal products, Plastic products, Toys, Gifts, Savouries, Electronics, garden equipment, Tools etc. manufactures
  • Service Providers: HVAC and Electrical service providers, House cleaners, Construction Industry service providers, Marketing service providers, Home repairs, Landscaping service providers, Plumbers etc.
  • Suppliers: PPE kit, Metal products, Plastic products, Toys, Gifts, Savouries, Electronics, Garden Equipment, Tools etc. suppliers
  • Real Estate: Real estate Brokers, Agents, Mortgage services, Insurance services etc. or anyone deals in Real Estate Industry.
How payments are made
All you need is a minimum of $30 in credits and an active PayPal account to receive payments from Credits to Partner accounts are accumulated and paid out on your request. And don’t worry, the total amount of revenue you collect and the number of clients you collect from are not limited. The way we figure it, if you are earning, we are earning.
Tracking your revenue as a partner and your commission
As a Partner, you have the ability to track who your affiliated clients are, and the credits from those clients. When it is time to create your client’s account, log in to your Partner Dashboard and create account for your client. You will earn a 30% credit (Referral bonus) for each of the paid advertsement created here by your referred customers. So more the ads they create your earnings goes up with it. You can turn this into an ongoing income and live a comfortable life. If your partner account is for some reason not linked with your client’s account, please contact us with details.
Payment disputes
We are fair in resolving any payment related disputes. We understand the efforts you put in providing paying customers. If you feel like the amount of credits you have received is too high or too low, contact us with details. We will review your message and see what we can do to resolve the issue.
Become a RegularAds Partner today
Our partner program is free to join and lets you experiment with the platform. For every client you refer, you will receive commission from when they create ad campaign here. There are some other perks too, like early access to new features, marketing materials, and access to a collaborative community of other RegularAds Partners. Create your account.
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